Budnitz Beer Wrench

Kill two birds with one stone — so to speak — with the Budnitz Beer Wrench ($40). Crafted from titanium, it sports a 15mm spanner wrench on one end for removing rear axle bolts, internal hub bolts, and pitlock keys, two holes in the middle that work with the included titanium thumb screws to secure it to the water bottle mounts on your bike, and, of course, a bottle opener on the end opposite the wrench, engraved with the zen quote "The road is the destination". Indeed.

  • Audi E-Bike Wörthersee

    Haven't been pleased with the performance or looks of previous electric bikes? Then start hoping the Audi E-Bike Wörthersee ($TBA) makes it into production. This prototype sport/trick cycle is powered by an electric motor that makes speeds of up to 50mph possible — assuming you don't mind some pedaling — or 31 mph in pure electric mode, and features a carbon fiber- reinforced polymer frame and wheels, an on-board computer that links to your smartphone to enable a whole host of advanced features, and LED light strips borrowed from the impossibly sexy e-Tron R8.

  • Public V7 Bike

    If you've been looking for a simple, clean and crisp two-wheel ride, this is it. The Public V7 Bike ($600) is a lightweight, all-purpose bike, featuring a durable steel frame (guaranteed for life), upright handlebars, a seat that's designed for normal clothing, a Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur and Revo twist shifter, 35MM tires, available front baskets and rear racks, and reinforced resin pedals designed to handle pretty much any type of footwear. A great everyday bike for when you want to upgrade to an awesome ride, but don't want to spend your next year's rent.

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