Buffalo Trace Extended Drying Time Bourbon

Buffalo Trace continues to innovate with their Experimental Collection and the most recent release, Extended Stave Drying Time. The wood planks that make up a bourbon barrel are dried out in the open air for about six months before being turned into barrel planks. Stave drying plays an important role in the taste of the bourbon, so Buffalo Trace decided to experiment by allowing the staves for this spirit to dry out for about twice as long. The extended drying time bourbon is significantly aided by the extra time too, balancing the oak flavors that can sometimes dominate in an older bourbon. Snag both bottles and try them side by side with a friend for the full experience.

  • Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon

    One of the first bourbon releases of 2014 also happens to be one we look forward to the most every year, Evan Williams Single Barrel. This is the 19th annual release of the world-renowned spirit, spending 10 years aging in barrels. It's also become a tradition to find that each bottle is marked with the exact date the liquid was placed into the barrel and then bottled. Inside each hand numbered bottle is a sweet, smooth bourbon with flavors like maple syrup, toffee and mint. A bottle this great usually costs you an arm and a leg, but at under 30 bucks, you might want to buy more than one.

  • Jim Beam Single Barrel Bourbon

    With the influx of new bourbon labels and brands on the market in the past few years, it's easy to look past the tried and true Jim Beam logo. Jim Beam Single Barrel ($35) however, is worthy of consideration. It's the first ever single barrel offering from Beam, representing the seven generations of history that the brand is built on. And since less than 1% of Beam barrels qualified for this new bourbon, you know you're getting a hand selected gem, not a mass produced mystery. So keep your eyes peeled this spring for this individually bottled, hand-numbered expression.

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