If you're a do-it-yourself kinda guy, you might be interested in checking out the BUG for your gadget needs. Made up of a BUGbase ($300) and BUGmodules ($50-$100), BUG is a tinkerer's dream, allowing you to add functionality where and how you want it, and write software for the little guy using open source tools. It offers standard features like an ARM CPU, Linux, USB, a rechargeable battery, Ethernet, and more, but you can rest assured this is anything but a standard gadget.

  • Powerstick

    Wouldn't it be great to have an extra portable power source for your gadgets that didn't take up much space and was easy to charge? The Powerstick ($50) is a thumb drive-sized accessory that charges via the built-in USB connector and can provide extra juice for lots of different devices, including most cell phones, iPods, and others that charge via mini-USB.

  • Message Tape

    Going beyond the traditional masking tape-and-Sharpie, Message Tape ($10-$15) is covered with dots or digital digits, which you use by blacking out the unwanted areas to create a custom message. Unlike other custom-order message tape (think police tape), Message Tape can display a different message with every strip, letting you personalize as much as you want. [Thanks, Robert]

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