Bullerjan Furnace

Bullerjan Furnace

When it comes to heating a room or house in the dead of winter, who are we to argue with Canadian lumberjacks? The Bullerjan Furnace ($TBA) employs a crazy engine-like design to move air from the bottom to the top vents, heating it on the way by. Meanwhile, the unique design also allows for even burn up and lengthy heat retention, getting the most out of the wood it burns.

  • Dyson Air Multiplier

    Leave it to the air maestros at Dyson to create a fan with no blades. The Dyson Air Multiplier ($300-$330) uses a fairly ingenious design to suck air into the base, accelerating it through an small aperture in the device's ring and then over a ramp to channel its direction. As it happens, this also causes the air behind and around the machine to be drawn into the airflow, creating a smooth stream of air amplified 15 times, without the unpleasant buffeting caused by the blades of a traditional fan chopping the air. The only downside? It's a $300 fan.

  • Otto Fan

    Typically, when the weather turns warm, electric bills go up. You can avoid spending that extra cash by just cooling the room you're in. And now you can do it in style. Check out the Otto Wooden Fan ($200), a wood-framed fan that looks vintage but features modern touches like three speeds and height-adjustable feet. The wood-ring frame has been oiled twice to create matte finish that will make you want to keep it on display all year long.

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