Bullet 02 Flashlight

When it comes to items you constantly carry, smaller is better. The Bullet 02 Flashlight is as small as you can get, weighing just five grams and measuring in at 10 x 26 mm. Inspired by a 40 S&W round, its anodized aluminum casing is nearly indestructible, and thanks to a new design it's waterproof, as well. The high-quality LED bulb lasts up to 150,000 hours, produces 20 lumens of light, and is powered by three button bell batteries, activated by a quick 180-degree rotation of the top. Available in matte black or matte brass.

  • Ryobi Whole Stud Detector

    Normal stud finders beep when it finds a stud, but leaves it up to you to try and figure out where it begins and ends. The Ryobi Whole Stud Detector uses a series of LEDs at the top to show you the entire width of the stud. It can also tell you how deep the drywall is, detect wires and other materials inside the wall, and once you've found the stud you're looking for, it has a button that will mark the center with a dimple so you can find it again.

  • SOG Baton Multi-Tools

    There are times when you want to keep some tools around, but don't want to look like a handyman. SOG Baton Multi-Tools are ideal for those moments. Available in four different models, these robust tools all fold up to a stick-like form that measures roughly six inches in length for easy storage. Yet they offer a wide range of tools, including everything from scissors and bottle openers to knives and ballpoint pens. An ideal urban alternative to traditional bulky implements.

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