Burglary Kit

Burglary Kit

Need to bust into a competitor's headquarters for a little industrial espionage, or just need to do some good ol' fashioned snooping? The Burglary Kit ($200) has just what you need, including an intimidating black mask, gloves, a first aid kit in case you cut yourself on a busted-out window, a small knife, a camera for casing the joint, some rope for tying up witnesses/victims, a flashlight for late night operations, Chiclets to... umm... keep your breath fresh, and the requisite crow bar. Of course, you could always try the direct approach, but we hear that only works for encyclopedia salesmen.

  • Sony W250 Waterproof Walkman

    Sony might not have an iPod killer, but they do have something Apple doesn't: a water resistant MP3 player. The Sony W250 Waterproof Walkman ($60) is a pill-shaped player available in a 2GB capacity, and offering built-in 13.5mm EX in-ear headphones, MP3, WMA, and AAC playback, up to 11 hours of battery life, an included charging/docking stand, and water resistance to keep your music going at the gym, in the rain, or even in the shower, if you're the type that likes to wear headphones as you wash.

  • Hercules DJ Console Mk4

    Despite its name, you don't need to be built like an ancient mythological demigod to drag around the Hercules DJ Console Mk4 (£180; roughly $275). Billed as the most portable and compact 2-deck DJ controller with built-in audio for PC and Mac, the Mk4 weighs just 3.3 lbs, and offers dual stereo outputs and inputs, a USB port for making nice with software programs, headphone output, microphone input, two jog wheels, a cross fader, dual volume faders, six EQ knobs, functions for automatic looks and recording mixes, and included VirtualDJ DJC Edition mixing software. Just enjoy that "most portable" title while it lasts, because last we heard an iPad running Mixr isn't exactly heavy, even if you've tossed it in a case.

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