BuryBunker Underground Storage Safe

Prepare yourself for a zombie attack, government-imposed gun ban, or other end times-esque scenario with the BuryBunker Underground Storage Safe ($400). Made from powder-coated 10 gauge steel, this sturdy contraband coffin is designed to house a pelican-type gun case, with dimensions of 8" by 20" by 53", a weight of 135 lbs., and a watertight silicon gasket lid that closes with stainless steel fasteners. Also great for large sums of cash, body parts of former "associates," or that secret stash of Bac~Os.

  • Byrd Harp Multi Tool

    It's about time someone designed a true multi-tool that didn't look like a Swiss Army knife. The Byrd Harp Multi Tool ($35) instead borrows its design from the stringed musical instrument, with functional slotted- and Phillips-head screwdrivers, a punch/awl, a gimlet, a mini-saw, a corkscrew, a file, and a small/large head hammer that doubles as a bottle opener, all of which rotate out individually from an outer ring and fold flat for insertion into an included leather carrying case. Because you never know when you'll need to do some carpentry while sipping on some Opus One.

  • Boomer 8N Tractor

    With a classic red and gray design that dates back to the 1940s and modern tech under the bonnet, the Boomer 8N Tractor ($TBA) is, well, a modern classic. This old-timey tractor is powered by a 50hp, four-cylinder diesel engine, and features a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for a car-like feel, a four-wheel drive axle for SUV-like handling, a large operating platform for maximum comfort, and a three-point hitch for easy attachment of add-ons. Those green/yellow-driving neighbors of yours are going to be jealous. [Thanks, David]

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