Byrd Harp Multi Tool

Byrd Harp Multi Tool

It's about time someone designed a true multi-tool that didn't look like a Swiss Army knife. The Byrd Harp Multi Tool ($35) instead borrows its design from the stringed musical instrument, with functional slotted- and Phillips-head screwdrivers, a punch/awl, a gimlet, a mini-saw, a corkscrew, a file, and a small/large head hammer that doubles as a bottle opener, all of which rotate out individually from an outer ring and fold flat for insertion into an included leather carrying case. Because you never know when you'll need to do some carpentry while sipping on some Opus One.

  • The National Axe

    What better way to celebrate Canada's gold medal hockey victory than with a commemorative axe? The National Axe ($500) is Best Made Co.'s first Twibill axe — a 36-inch double bit, to be exact — sporting a red and white handle area, maple leaf hear the head, and the date, game time, and player number of the country's winning goal inscribed onto the wood. Limited to only 20 axes, you'd best hurry if you want to be the envy of all your Canuck neighbors for years to come.

  • Michelin Smart Jumper Cables

    As much as we've enjoyed watching our idiot friends nearly kill themselves trying to get a jump, we can't help but think that these Michelin Smart Jumper Cables ($35) are a good idea. The company with the rolly rubber mascot packs a tech punch with these above-average cables, including indicator lights to confirm a correct connection, automatic polarity adjustment to prevent sparking and shorting, insulated clamps, and a built-in surge protector to protect the vehicle's electronics systems. [Thanks, Cory]

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