Caldo Razor

Caldo Razor

Target's "Design For All" slogan is really fitting. They've come out with some really great stuff lately that we snatch up every time we visit the store. Tons of well-designed stuff at affordable prices makes it easy to fill up your cart in a hurry. They recently introduced a new line of men's shaving and skincare products, which includes this beauty, among several other gems. The Caldo Razor ($40; in stores only) has a stainless steel and carbon fiber-look exterior, and works with Gillette Mach3 replacement blades. It'll bring instant class to any bathroom.

  • Norelco SmartTouch-XL

    The companies that make electric razors never rest. Norelco's new SmartTouch-XL ($180) is the latest one to grab our attention. Designed by Philips, it features the SmartTouch Contour Following System, which pivots and flexes to ensure constant skin contact, and Norelco's Speed-XL Shaving Heads with 3 rows of blades, slots and holes to cover 50% more shaving surface than regular electric razors. The SmartTouch-XL also sports a LCD display that shows shaving minutes, battery capacity, full and low and charging indicators, shaving head replacement and cleaning indicators.

  • Sharps Usual Suspects Kit

    Having just gotten back from a trip, we were reminded all too well how nice it is to have your own grooming supplies with you on the road — supplies like the Sharps Usual Suspects Grooming Kit ($45). It includes soap, deodorant, shave gel, face gel, conditioning shampoo and hair product — everything you might need on the road.

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