Callaway Upro MX+

Getting sick of the ads that keep popping up in your free course mapping app? Let the Callaway Upro MX+ ($250) guide your way. This handheld GPS device is the only one to give you actual aerial imagery and aerial flyovers for a large number of courses, and also features a 2.2-inch touchscreen LCD, 25,000 course renderings and yardages pre-loaded on the device, and compatibility with the uxplore website, which lets you upload, track and analyze scores and statistics for each round played, letting you know just how far you have to go before you're ready for the late summer scramble.

  • Eleven Ravens Ping Pong Tables

    There are simple ping pong tables that double as beer pong tables — with no worries about the sticky, smelly aftermath. Then there are Eleven Ravens Ping Pong Tables ($TBA). Straddling the line between art and sport, these gorgeous tables sport strikingly unique designs, which are created by hand by skilled artisans in a moisture-controlled environment using high-quality wood materials in order to maintain the highest quality possible. Which also leads us to believe that they cost every bit as spectacular as they look — but that's just a guess.

  • Search And State Cycling Apparel

    Ditch your garish riding gear and step up to the understated elegance of Search And State Cycling Apparel. Handmade in the USA, the collection includes a jersey made from lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying microbial fabric that's designed to withstand repeated washings, and a jacket that's waterproof, windproof, and constructed from Scholler C-Change material that serves as a climate membrane, closing up when temperatures are low and opening in response to warmth. Other features include Riri zippers, rear pockets, and an appropriately tailored fit. [via]

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