Camp Chef Outdoor Oven

Camp Chef Outdoor Oven

Sometimes when you're camping — like this Uncrate editor is right now — smores just aren't going to cut it. Fortunately, the Camp Chef Outdoor Oven ($175) overcomes your lack of a traditional kitchen with a 3,500 BTU, propane-powered oven, letting you cook cookies, bake pizza, and do all sorts of other things that aren't exactly possible with a grill. In addition, it sports two 5,300 BUT matchless igniter range burners for boiling down your, umm, herbs, so you can make those brownies you're baking really interesting.

  • Katadyn Pocket Water Filter

    Whether you're exploring the wilderness or living there, the Katadyn Pocket Water Filter ($235) can help keep you alive. Its ceramic water filter can handle up to one liter per minute, and removes all sorts of nasty stuff, including parasites, cholera and typhoid — for you Oregon Trailers out there — salmonella and other harmful bacteria, parasites, and germs, all in a rugged aluminum shell that'll stand up to the worst of elements. Just remember, the water may be safe, but that roadkill possum you're cooking up probably isn't.

  • GSI Pinnacle Camper Set

    Pack your camper with every dish, pot, and pan you can think of with the GSI Pinnacle Camper Set ($120). This complete set includes Teflon with Radiance-coated non-stick pots, a frying pan, insulated mugs, plates, bowls, a pot grip, and a welded sink, all of which you may or may not need depending on if you're camping in your own backyard or so deep back in the woods that your GPS unit gives up hope of finding its way home.

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