Campfire Cologne

No, it's not a joke — although we wouldn't blame you for thinking as much. Campfire Cologne ($13/box) is a package of cedar, oak, or birch wood chips and a pack of matches. Light up a piece — or several — and waft in the authentic smell of a campfire. Of course, you could just go sit around a real fire, but that's not the easiest thing to do in an urban area, or when it's raining. [Scouted by Brent]

  • Moonshine Cologne

    Smelling like a man is more complicated than just working outside all day, drinking a beer, and basking in the aroma of your own sweat and booze. It means smelling like manly things, without repelling others. Things like the forest, black pepper, tobacco, leather, and gin — all scents you'll find in Moonshine Cologne ($75). This "gentleman's cologne" arrives in a modest bottle, inside a burlap sack that's protected by a wooden box, which is slightly more impressive than the presentation for our last delivery of real moonshine. [via]

  • Gant Eau de Toilette

    Inspired by the company's New England roots, Gant Eau de Toilette ($65-$90) represents a rebirth for a brand that's seen its highs and lows over its 62-year existence. Created with help from renowned perfumer Pierre Wulff, it mixes notes of tar, ocean, wood, lemon, coriander, and lavender to create a scent that recalls both the woods and the ocean simultaneously. The fragrance arrives in a solid blue glass bottle with a retro black Bakelite cap, designed by artist Pierre Dinand. Expect to see it on store shelves in November.

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