Canadiano Coffee Maker

For the minimalist coffee lover in you, there's the Canadiano Coffee Maker ($60-$80; includes one pound of coffee). Carved from a single block of cherry, walnut, or maple wood, this coffee maker is truly as simple as it gets, featuring a metal filter that never needs to be replaced. Each variety is meant for a specific sort of coffee — with walnut made for darker roasts, and maple or cherry made for nuttier, more citrusy beans. All you need to do is place it over your mug, add in two scoops of coarsely-ground beans, and pour over hot water. With two to four minutes of brewing, and stirring to suit your preference, you get a personalized single cup of coffee every time, without all the waste of other single cup methods.

  • Waring Commercial Waffle Maker

    Sure, there are worse things than those freezer-burnt excuses for waffles you get at your local grocery — but come on, you can do better. With the Waring Commercial Waffle Maker ($450), you can enjoy fresh, tasty, Belgian-style waffles at home — and it's pretty hard to beat fresh. This side-by-side waffle maker can cook two waffles at the same time, and its rotary feature lets you evenly bake and brown. Its triple non-stick coating virtually eliminates mess, while making it a breeze to remove your waffles, and the precise heating elements give you a golden-brown waffle every time.

  • Phillippe Starck Log Knives

    Add a touch of rustic charm (without sacrificing class) to your next meal with these Phillippe Starck Log Knives ($465). This set of six knives is made entirely from stainless steel, carefully formed, detailed with a wood bark design, and finished in matte. Each one is forged into a seamless piece of stainless steel, for workmanship that will last and last, while still maintaining a light weight that feels natural in your hand.

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