Candle Charger

You never know when your power's going to go out. But with the new Candle Charger, you're sure to stay charged and connected to what matters - family, friends - after the grid goes down. As the name suggests, this portable, indoor-friendly power plant uses a candle and water to generate power for USB-charging devices - an essential addition to any home preparedness kit. Conveniently, the water is also boiled and sterilized during the process, so whether you're worried about the quality of your tap water or just want to make some tea or coffee the Candle Charger will get you there, no grid required.

Presented by Stower.

  • Znaps Magnetic Charging Adapter

    Owners of MacBooks know how convenient it is to have magnets handling the connection to your charger. Znaps Magnetic Charging Adapter aims to bring this same level of convenience to your mobile device. Available in Micro-USB or Lightning varieties, this tiny, clever gadget consists of a connector that sits inside your charging port, and an adapter that sits on the end of your cable and uses magnets to smoothly hook to the connector when it's time to charge. You can also order the adapters by themselves, because no one only uses a single charger.

  • Scriba Stylus

    Most styli are designed upon the idea that a pencil is the ideal shape for writing, and that putting added pressure on the tip is the ideal way to control what you're drawing. The Scriba Stylus assumes that both of these are wrong. It was designed to fit the natural curves of your hand, resulting in an open body that lets you squeeze to control the line weight far more intuitively than with a pressure-based tool. It has up to six months of battery life per charge, offers a full half inch of movement, is crafted from high-quality polymer, so it's durable enough to simply be tossed in a bag when you're done with it.

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