Cannondale Hooligan Bicycle

Created with city commuters in mind, the Hooligan Bicycle from Cannondale is one of the more functional rides on the street. It features a compact, lightweight frame with smaller wheels making it easy to carry up a flight of stairs and store in your home or an elevator. On the road its size works to its advantage as well, handling quick in tight spaces making it perfect to squeeze between and around pedestrians on city streets.

  • Sarp XSR 85 Yacht

    With a pair of 1,250 hp diesel engines and twin 70 kW electric motors, the Sarp XSR 85 Yacht is a hybrid vessel that provides speed — up to 24 knots — when you need it and silent cruising when you want it. The all-composite form was created by Red Yacht Design, who gave the central deck a home-like look, reinforced by floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides, L-shaped couch, and kitchen. Lounges abound across every floor, including on the foredeck near the Jacuzzi, and the lower deck is home to four bedrooms, including a spacious master.

  • BMW Active Hybrid e-Bike

    Design and attention to detail have always been high priorities at BMW. And those same values continue to translate to their growing line of electric bikes. The Active Hybrid is the latest release, with an impressive range of up to 62 miles on a single charge. Riders can adjust the degree of pedal assistance using a new display and choose from four different power modes with a maximum push of to up 275%. The e-bike also features a saddle designed for the requirements of e-bikers, front-mounted headlight and rear-mounted LED indicator, and a micro USB port and Bluetooth connectivity for your smartphone.

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