CapRock Gin

How important is the water that is used to craft gin? Downright essential, if you ask the folks at Jack Rabbit Hill Farm in Colorado. Their CapRock Organic Gin ($30) sources pure spring water from an actual Caprock for this inebriant. In fact, it's one of the only purely organic gins made in the USA. It springs forward with a complex blend of apples, juniper, and an intriguing floral bouquet. Sip on it straight, and then mix up a batch of Tom Collins or Gin & Tonics for a crisp, clean cocktail at your next summer get together.

  • Brooklyn Gin

    While the larger spirit companies are busy inventing new flavors, plenty of smaller shops are busy resurrecting classic recipes in small batches. Take Brooklyn Gin ($40) for example. Created at Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery — New York's first licensed distillery since Prohibition — this crisp, smooth gin is the first Brooklyn Distilling Company product in over 100 years, and is made using hand-cracked juniper berries, freshly-cut citrus peels, and other locally-sourced ingredients that give it its simple, satisfying flavor.

  • Bulldog Gin

    Add an extra bit of oomph to your New Years martinis, long islands, and slings with Bulldog Gin ($30). Handcrafted in London using traditional copper pot stills and twelve unique botanicals, Bulldog offers fruit and citrus notes, a smooth texture, and crisp taste that make it perfect for mixing or solo sipping. As a bonus, the distinctive bottle with a spiked collar is sure to draw more than a few questions from your fellow revelers.

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