Carbon Fiber Business Cards

Carbon Fiber Business Cards

Show off your business' materials acumen with Carbon Fiber Business Cards ($TBA). These cards are made from thin, lightweight real carbon fiber that provides a depth not seen with traditional card stock, and imbed your graphics under a layer of epoxy coating, keeping them from scratching or wearing off, and thus extending the lifetime of your promotional investment. As a bonus, they might also match your high-end "corporate" vehicle.

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  • Montblanc StarWalker Pen

    Despite its Star Wars-y name, the Montblanc Midnight Black StarWalker Pen ($TBA) has no allegiance to the force, light, dark, or otherwise. Available in ruthenium-coated Metal or black precious Resin versions, they feature a unique monochrome appearance, 14K gold nibs coated in ruthenium, and a floating Montblanc emblem inside the transparent cap top. Also available in ballpoint and fineliner models. Pass one down to your son.

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  • NoteSlate

    Need something to digitally record your hand-drawn notes but have no use — or no money — for the iPad's do-everything awesomeness? Meet the NoteSlate ($100). This simple device sports a one-color eInk display in either white, black, green, blue, or red, a smooth, simple design, a battery good for 180 hours of work, and a simple list of inputs including a special pen with eraser, a mini-USB port, an SD card slot, and a 3.5mm headphone jack for listening to MP3s — okay, so they snuck that last unnecessary feature in, but what doesn't play MP3s these days? [via]

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