Carbonlite Carbon Fiber Wrenches

Quit running back-and-forth to the tool box and instead keep your entire set of wrenches on you with a set of Carbonlite Carbon Fiber Wrenches. Made in the USA from 3/8" high-strength carbon fiber, these durable wrenches feature stainless steel teeth, both standard and metric sizes on the same wrench — 3/8", 7/16", ½", 9/16", and 5/8" and 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, and 15mm, respectively — and weigh just 6.7 oz in total, or less than a large steel wrench weighs on its own.

  • Fiskars Quantum Pruner

    The name sounds so exciting, and then you get to the last word. And while it's true that pruning bushes, stems, and flowers isn't exactly the most exciting way to pass the time, it's also true that the Fiskars Quantum Pruner is among the best ways to do it. Capable of handling growths up to 1 inch in diameter, it also features adjustable tension that adapts to your hand strength and the material, a precision-ground European steel blade with a coating that keeps it from getting covered with sap, and a lightweight aluminum handle with comfortable — and sustainable — cork pads.

  • MacGyver Tool Kit

    Most tool kits include things like screwdrivers, knives, sockets, wrenches, and other things to help you put stuff together and/or tear it apart. The MacGyver Tool Kit is different. Like its name suggests, it's filled with common items that can be used to fix a wide range of problems, from stopping a leak to building a homemade rocket. Okay, so we're not so sure about that one, but we are sure you can find something to do with the bobby pin, match, rubber band, bubble gum, birthday candle, paper clip, and other "tools" you'll inside.

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