Card Table

We've all experienced it: you're having a dinner party or social event, and you look up only to find everyone with their heads buried in their iPhones. Now you can use that to your advantage with Card Table. This clever — and free — app lets you and up to three friends play poker, rummy, bridge, blackjack, war, or any other card game you can think of, all using a single iPad as the table and your iPhones as your personal hands. It works over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and is sure to liven up any tech-heavy gathering.

  • Mobicoach

    Most golfers aren't born great — lessons are typically required for a really solid game. But finding a good coach can be easier said than done — unless you're using Mobicoach. This new real-time, remote coaching and analysis service uses an app to connect you to top golf coaches no matter where you are. Features include video and screen sharing, real-time whiteboarding, voice chat, and compatibility with the SwingTIP motion sensor. In other words, if you're at the range, you can get a lesson — whether you're in Lexington or Lebanon.

  • Sooshi

    Whether you're just getting introduced to sushi or are a long time fan, Sooshi should have something to interest you. This surprisingly deep app is split into five sections, providing information on the most common sushis and how to prepare them, the utensils you'll need, how to select the best fish, other ingredients, and, should you decide that you're not feeling up to making it yourself, a restaurant finder that uses your current location and Foursquare information to find the best sushi spots nearby.

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