If you've ever had a car that's not so new, you know what a hassle it can be to try and get an honest opinion of why "Check Engine" keeps popping up. Now, as long as your car was made after 1996 and was sold in the U.S., you can check the problem yourself with CarMD ($90). Simply plug CarMD into your car's Data Link Connector and start the ignition. A series of beeps tells you when the testing is done, and if you have a yellow or red light, you can hook it up to your computer and download a detailed report of your car's problems, complete with service estimates. Sure beats paying some grease monkey to replace something that wasn't broken in the first place.

  • iLoupe

    If you thought your camera's macro mode was impressive, check this thing out. The iLoupe ($TBA) is the world's first portable digital field microscope/camera. What that means is that you can hook this thing up to a Canon SD600 6-megapixel camera and take digital pictures of an ant's leg hair or a gnat's runny nose. The removable microscopic module features lens magnifications ranging from 60x to 150x. [via]

  • Electroids

    These do-it-yourself kits are fun and easy gadget projects that just about anybody can do. Choose from an Altoid tin 9v USB Charger ($10) or a Mini LED Flashlight ($9). Each kit includes all necessary parts and step-by-step instructions, which not only explain what to do, but why you're doing it. Break out the soldering iron and do something constructive.

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