Carrera Foldable Snow Helmet

You know how important it is to protect your head when you hit the slopes, but you also know how tough it can be to find space in your bag to pack a bulky helmet. All too often this means you leave it behind to make room for other gear. But with the Carrera Foldable Snow Helmet ($TBA) you don't need to sacrifice safety for the sake of packing light. This unique helmet is able to collapse down to small, portable pieces thanks to its flexible frame and foldable external components. Full surface ventilation, an elastic fitting system, fabric that wicks moisture away from the head, removable lining and ear pads make it as comfortable and warm as it is convenient. Available in a range of great-looking colorways, it's pictured in leather with a carbon fiber center panel.

  • Snolo Sled

    This winter you won't need a non-caloric silicon-based kitchen lubricant to achieve sledding speeds in excess of 40 miles an hour — all you need is the Snolo Sled ($2,550). With a mono shell made entirely from carbon fibre, it features a contour-molded seating area perfect for your lower body, with a foam-padded seat and a back rest to keep you comfortable. With a single ski in the front, and two skis in the back (also made from carbon fibre), you can really fly down the hill, all while maintaining the maneuverability you would expect on a snowboard. Just be warned: this isn't your grandpa's sled, and at 40 mph, you could do some serious damage to your part.

  • Dutchtub Wood

    Luxury doesn't have to be complex, in fact, it can be quite simple — the Dutchtub Wood ($6,600) gives you all the opulence of a hot tub, without all the intricacies of plumbing and electricity, letting you have a hot tub anywhere you have the space. With an interior made from high-quality polyester, and the outside made from preserved wood, this tub is weatherproof, and lightweight (so light that two people can easily lift it). It also functions simply, using a wood-fired stove to heat it, and natural circulation to move the water through a stainless steel coil. And if the look of wood isn't quite your thing, there's always the original Dutchtub, with all the simplicity, and none of the rustic appearance.

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