Carrom Elite Stick Hockey

Carrom Elite Stick Hockey

While foosball may be the more popular game, we have a soft spot in our hearts for stick hockey. More challenging (or awkward, depending on your point of view) than most table games, the Carrom Elite Stick Hockey Table ($750) takes the game to the next level with fluid motion, realistic players, electronic scoring, and goal celebrations featuring light and sound.

  • Weber Deluxe Texas Hold 'em Table

    We've come to the conclusion that our weekly poker game would be much better held on a real gaming table as opposed to the kitchen table. With that in mind, we stumbled across the Weber Deluxe Texas Hold 'em Table ($1200). Available in a variety of wood finishes and upholstery, the table features spots and drink holders for up to ten players.

  • Evolve Epoch-3 Golf Tee

    Yes, we said golf tee. Apart from the crazy tees that look like small rockets, golf tees haven’t changed a lot in the last 80 years. That’s why we were very surprised when we heard about a new tee that was popping up on tour — the Evolve Epoch-3 ($5 for 15). The tee’s unique design reduces tee to ball contact by over 93% compared to traditional wood tees, which helps add distance and accuracy and reduce side spin. Good stuff — now we just need it to stay warm for a few more weeks of teeing it up. [via bookofjoe]

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