Carvey 3D Carving Machine

Most desktop 3D solutions we've seen lately have been printers, stacking material layer by layer to create the desired form. The Carvey 3D Carving Machine does the opposite. Using a color-coded system of bits and either the included Easel software for "2.5D" designs or CAD, CAM, and machine control software for true 3D, it creates quality objects out of a variety of different materials — including wood, metal, and plastic — with the click of a button. The machine's automatically calibrated, so there's little to no setup, the case design makes for quiet operation, and LED lighting lets you see the work in action. It'd make a great addition to any tinkerer's workshop.

  • Brunton Power Knife

    Traditional handymen never leave home without a trusty, multi-tool pocket knife. Modern day digital handymen don't leave home without the Brunton Power Knife. Measuring just four and a half inches long and weighing just over half a pound, this clever gadget features fold-out connectors for Apple Lightning and 30-pin as well as Micro USB ports, with a standard USB plug on the opposite end. It ensures that no matter what you encounter, you'll be able to keep your gear charged up.

  • KeyDisk

    Ditch that janitor-like bulge of keys you carry around and put them back in your pocket where they belong with the KeyDisk. Built using sandblasted and anodized aluminum, it weighs just over an ounce, measures just two and a half inches across, and holds up to six keys using aluminum screws places through the holes, letting you expose only the one you need at the moment, while keeping the rest out of sight. You can even attach it to a standard keychain — but what's the point of that?

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