Chanel Boomerang

It's fair to question why a company known for handbags and fragrances is suddenly selling outdoor toys. It's also fair to wonder why anyone would buy them. Nevertheless, Chanel is now selling a Boomerang. As elegant as you'd expect, it's crafted from wood, with a dark black resin coating the majority of the object, and the wood exposed underneath a layer of clear lacquer on one end. Like many of the company's other products, it's also jaw-droppingly expensive, making you more likely to display it on a shelf than chuck it across the yard to see if it comes back.

  • Lego Boost

    Legos are always more fun with motors. Lego Boost goes a step further, letting kids code their own creations. The core of the 800+ piece kit is the Move Hub, a stud-covered brick with a built-in tilt sensor, which works with the combo color and distance sensor and interactive motor. With the companion app, kids use a simple coding language to make their creations move, work, and talk. They can create custom voice recordings for their creations, and once they get the hang of it, integrate the Boost into nearly any Lego model. The basic kit includes instructions for five models, including a robot, a cat, and a guitar, and will be arriving later this year.

  • Lego Le Mans Ford GT Cars

    In 1966, a Ford GT won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. 50 years later, it did it again. To celebrate the occasion, these Lego Le Mans Ford GT Cars let even those without a drivers license enjoy these historic racers. Bricks to build models of both the 1966 and the 2016 winner are included, as well as racing driver minifigures, a checkered flag, and a trophy for your own small-scale victory lane celebrations.

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