Cherner Task Chair

After years of contention, litigation, and general difficulty, the mid-century modern design created by Norman Cherner, the Cherner Task Chair has reemerged. Based on original sketches and prototypes created in the 1950s, the update of this classic chair is the result of Cherner's sons' work to revive their father's vision. With its five casters, swiveling design, height-adjustable seat, and comfortable armrests, this task chair is a work horse that will get you through a hard day on the job. Made from steel and walnut, it has an aesthetic that reveals its strength and utility, while looking right at home in just about any workspace.

  • Stir Kinetic Desk

    You all know by now how bad it is for you to spend the entire day at the office sitting, hunched over your keyboard — but most of us don't do anything about it. The Stir Kinetic Desk ($3,890) takes the thought out of good work posture, subtly encouraging you to sit down and stand up at your desk. The built-in touchscreen functions as a brain for this desk, letting you easily double-tap to transform it from sitting mode to standing mode, and back again. It even learns your schedule, automatically raising when it knows you usually stand. Built-in charging ports and cord control keeps all your cables organized, while its minimalist, modern design looks great in your office or studio.

  • Burning Love Felt Desk Pad

    You look at it almost everyday, so you might as well like the way your desk looks. The Burning Love Felt Desk Pad ($50) gives you a stylish home for all your desk peripherals — mouse, trackpad, keyboard, phone, whatever you want. The felt surface is perfect for replacing your ugly mousepad, and the leather strap gives you a convenient place to tuck important scraps of paper. Comes in a range of colors to suit your desk decor, including teal, navy, olive, charcoal, plum, chocolate, and more.

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