Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun

When two barrels don't quite cut it, you need the Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun ($1,629). This impressive twelve-gauge shotgun has three 18.5-inch barrels — two side-by-side, and one on top — all fired by a single mechanical trigger. This combination makes for a shotgun that is incredibly fast to shoot, and always reliable. Each barrel has an individual choke, allowing you to have three separately-adjusted chokes in the same weapon. A two-part stock lets you use a full stock, or a short pistol grip, making this a versatile home-defense weapon, and a really fun gun to shoot.

  • SunRocket Solar Kettle

    Whether you're a hardcore survivalist, amateur woodsman, or somewhere in between, you never want to go too long without access to hot water. The SunRocket Solar Kettle ($67) takes the trouble out of heating or boiling water, whether you're looking to purify, melt snow, or cook a meal. It's small, so it fits conveniently in a pack, but it still holds 17 ounces. It can heat water in just 30 minutes, using only the power of the sun. Once you've heated it up, the kettle acts as a thermos, keeping water warm for hours.

  • Inteliscope

    While you won't see Seal Team Six storming walled compounds with iPhones strapped to their rifles, it doesn't mean yours isn't welcome at the range. Turn your device into an optical system with the Inteliscope Tactical Rifle Adapter ($70), a combination Picatinny or Weaver rail mount and iOS app that brings ballistics and environmental information to your next shoot. It has a HUD with custom crosshairs, digital zoom, video recording, compass, GPS, and all the data you could want. The reinforced mounting system protects your device, allows portrait and landscape orientation, and lets you aim around corners. It won't make you shoot like special ops, but it couldn't hurt.

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