Chiefs Tobacco Man Wash

Forget its cancer causing effects and frequently nasty smell when burnt — anyone who's ever stepped into a pipe and cigar shop can tell you that tobacco can smell great when used properly. And Chiefs Tobacco Man Wash is a great example. Made with organic coconut, olive, and palm oils, it also adds in tobacco fragrance and charcoal for a little added smoky smell. Available in soap, wash, face wash, shaving cream, or convenient bundles.

  • Hudsalve

    It may have been developed for the Swedish Military, but you don't need to be a soldier to enjoy the benefits of Hudsalve. Well adapted for use in cold weather and wind, this balm is great for protecting your lips, as well as your face, hands, joints, and feet. And as with any great multi-use substance, it's become popular for more than just skin protection, being used as mosquito protection, weapon grease, and even leather treatment. Just don't go looking for it in cherry or some similarly silly flavor.

  • Chiefs Pine Man Wash

    Body washes, cleansing bars, exfoliating scrubs, moisturizing creams — come on guys, do we really need all this? After all, we're still men. So get clean like a real man, with Chiefs Pine Man Wash ($29). It's all you need for your morning ritual, with a smell like fresh pine, and organic coconut and olive oils for a lather that will get you clean without leaving you feeling dried out. It's also non-toxic, biodegradable, and made in the USA, all while coming in one of the largest bottles on the market (16 ounces). So ditch all those extra bottles cluttering up your shower, stick with the basics, and keep it manly.

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