Cinebody iPhone Super8 Case

The iPhone is already great at shooting video. The Cinebody iPhone Super8 Case makes it better. Designed to recall cameras of yore, it has its own microphone, a trigger that makes it easy to start and stop recording, a cold shoe for mounting accessories, a patent-pending focusing eyepiece, and interchangeable 58mm lenses that give you more shooting options than the built-in glass. When used with the companion app, you can also control exposure, frame rate, and focus, giving you a filming rig far more versatile than the built-in Camera app.

  • Ampware Hand Crank iPhone Case

    Ever thinner devices mean ever smaller batteries. You can extend your phone's life with a battery case, but at the end of the day, it's just another gadget to charge. The Ampware Hand Crank iPhone Case gives you an alternative. Using an on-board generator, five minutes of cranking can deliver a full hour of normal use or five hours of standby juice, guaranteeing you'll have power when you need it most while keeping your iPhone 6 or 6S safe from drops and bumps.

  • Zeiss ExoLens

    The iPhone is the most popular camera in the world. Yet most photography enthusiasts wish they could push it farther. The Zeiss ExoLens lets you do exactly that. Leveraging the German company's legendary optic expertise, these add-on lenses come in three models — wide-angle, telephoto, and macro — and offer outstanding sharpness and contrast from one edge to the other. The macro lens also holds the distinction of being the first add-on lens to offer a zoom function, and all three lenses attach to a machined aluminum bracket that doubles as a tripod adapter and cold shoe mount for flashes and other accessories.

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