Cinemin Swivel Portable Projector

Cinemin Swivel Portable Projector

Take your big-screen with you — sorta — with the Cinemin Swivel Portable Projector ($300). This diminutive dynamo utilizes DLP projection technology to display a screen up to 60 inches in size on nearly any surface. Features include 480x320 resolution, a rechargeable battery good for over two hours of use, included international power adapters, and a 90-degree swiveling design that removes the need for a mount or tripod. Just don't expect to blast faux graffiti onto city walls in the middle of the day — the Swivel works best in extremely low-light conditions.

  • Nook

    With Amazon on its second iteration of Kindle, you knew brick and mortar stalwarts Barnes & Noble weren't going to just let them take over the electronic book market. Hence, Nook ($260). Built atop Android and featuring dual screens — one e-Ink, one color touch screen — Nook aims to present books and their covers to you in a whole new, but familiar, way. Like the Kindle, it features built-in 3G wireless networking, storage for up to 1,500 books, and a sleeker design than Amazon's front-keyboard gadget. The icing on the cake? There are thousands of books available for free, making the two and some change price tag seem that much friendlier.

  • iREV

    With a crazy futuristic design and a host of features, the iREV ($24,000; January 2010) is your new party barge. This Interactive Recreational Entertainment Vessel seats up to 10 people inside its circular decks, and features a central low smoke charcoal grill that can be swapped for a number of other centerpieces, an outboard electric 2-5 hp motor with 8-10 hours of battery life, 4 storage bins, an integrated umbrella, and an optional audio package with marine approved hi-fidelity 500 watt speakers, amplifier, satellite radio and a MP3 connection. Lest you feel selfish for dropping 24 large on a floating bar, you can rest easy knowing it's made in America from 45% reclaimed material, and is 80% recyclable.

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