Classic Wrecks

Sure, collecting model cars isn't that unusual a hobby, but where are the scrapes, bumps, scratches, and rust that give real-world rides their character? You can find them in Classic Wrecks ($80+). These 1/24 scale models sport lovingly handcrafted details like broken windows, rusted and/or missing parts, and the feel of something that wasn't just put on a pedestal, but driven — hard — for years and years before being left outside to rot. Perfect for your junkyard-themed den.

  • Plaid Playing Cards

    Just when you thought poker couldn't get any manlier, you come across Dan & Dave's Plaid Playing Cards ($6). With decks sporting grandpa-stylish plaids, these regulation cards feature extras like an illustrated Buck for a joker, crossword puzzles, and even a recipe for the world's oldest known cocktail, the Sazerac. They're printed by the US Playing Card Company on a premium stock with a cambric finish, and come in a snazzy leatherette box.

  • Helo TC Assault

    How do you make a phone-controlled toy helicopter even better? Give it missiles, of course. The Helo TC Assault ($60) is an updated version of Griffin's prior mini helicopter, and is controlled via an app and "Flight Deck" module that gets plugged into the headphone jack of your iOS or Android device. Tap away to fire up to six missiles at your unexpected targets, then tap the new Auto Land button to bring her down safely once the mission is complete. Arriving this spring.

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