ClearAudio Master Reference Turntable

ClearAudio Master Reference Turntable

They don't get any more high-end than this folks. If you're serious about your records (and happen to own a large corporation), you might consider using that black Amex to pick up one of the ClearAudio Master Reference Turntables ($19,000). Hand-made in Germany, this turntable sets the standard for all others. It has a ton of exotic features like the APG system for even platter speed and synchronizing of the 3 separate motors, a six-pointed chassis that creates a perfect soundstage, a "Side-Force-Free" belt drive arrangement, and a Master TQ-I Tonearm.

  • Olive Musica Audio System

    Just because we have iPods, CDs, and unmentionable amounts of music on our computers doesn't mean we have to use three different devices to access it. The Olive Musica Audio System ($1100) features a 160GB hard drive to store CDs that you rip onto the system, and can access and copy over your music collection from your Mac or PC, stream live internet radio and also stream different songs to different add-on receivers throughout your home. It can even update your iPod with the songs stored on its hard drive. Damn.

  • Yamaha YSP-800 Digital Sound Projector

    Unless you're a completely anal audiophile, chances are you'll gladly give up those five ugly speakers and their unsightly cords heading every which way in your living room. The Yamaha YSP800 ($800) is for those of us who want to keep a stealth look but also want stellar sound. It packs 21 speakers and 2 subwoofers in its compact cabinet (which looks just like a single speaker) and uses your walls to create true surround sound. The IntelliBeam system automatically sets up the YSP800 for your room, and ensures optimum multi-channel set-up by constant and precise monitoring and analysis of sound output via the supplied plug-in microphone. The YSP-800 can be wall-mounted or placed on a shelf or rack — and it looks perfect under an LCD or plasma.

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