Social networks like Foursquare are great for letting you know when your friends are out on the town, and where they're at. But they're also great for keeping track of where people you don't want to see are at. It's for that reason that Cloak was created. This "anti-social" app leverages location data from both Foursquare and Instagram — with support for more networks promised in the future — to let you know if you're getting too close to someone you'd rather not run into. The best part? It's totally free.

  • Up Coffee

    Caffeine is everywhere — in our coffee, in our energy drinks, even in our snacks. But very few of us really know how it affects us, or how much they ingest every day. Up Coffee could change all that. Made by Jawbone, it tracks your caffeine levels throughout the day as it learns more about how your body metabolizes the drug. It even compares your intake to your quality of sleep, giving you a better look at how your body works. And while the Up fitness tracker might cost money, Up Coffee is completely free.

  • Ken Burns

    With the way acclaimed documentarian Ken Burns typically titles his work, you'd be forgiven if you got the impression he used himself for his latest subject. Instead, this Ken Burns is actually a new app that draws on many of Burns' documentaries — films like The Civil War, Baseball, Jazz, and Prohibition — and uses them to tell the story of American history, via tap-friendly timelines and theme-specific pages covering topics like Art, Innovation, Politics, and War.

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