Coal x Otter Wax Thomson SE Cap

Keep a cool, dry head outdoors whether working or playing with the Coal x Otter Wax Thomson SE Cap ($40). This cap comes in a seven-panel silhouette with a leather fast-back adjuster, and comes in two outdoorsy colors, either dark olive or golden brown. As part of their partnership with Otter Wax, it includes a bar of heavy-duty fabric wax for waterproofing, helping this cap shed water in nasty conditions. Regardless of where you wear it — on the job or on a weekend trip — you'll stay comfortable and stylish.

  • Top & Derby Cane

    It doesn't really matter what you need it for — unless you're going with a gold-handled model and a pimp-style outfit, most walking sticks don't enhance your look. The Top & Derby Cane ($70) aims to change all that. It features a handle with a cast aluminum core and a soft silicone grip, a solid American black walnut shaft with a coating that both protects the wood and brings out the natural grain, and thermoplastic rubber tip that's resistant to abrasions and sports sneaker-inspired tread for added traction. Expected to arrive this September.

  • Castle Brook Paralaces

    The most rugged boots around won't do you much good in the wilderness if your laces can't hold up to the abuse. With Castle Brook Paralaces ($6-$8), that won't be an issue. These hand-crafted bootlaces claim to the toughest available, thanks to seven-strand construction with 550 lb-tested Nylon Kernmantle rope, aglets made from polyolefin plastics that literally bind and mesh with the nylon fibers underneath, becoming one with the lace, and a lifetime guarantee. Try finding one of those for the laces that came with your shoes.

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