Cobra iRadar

Just because you have a lead foot, doesn't mean you ought to be spending your life savings on speeding tickets (not to mention all the points you've probably accumulated on your license). With the Cobra iRadar 900 Atom Radar Detector ($200), you can avoid all that hassle while still taking advantage of the occasional open road. In addition to your typical radar detector functionality — stuff like the ability to detect all radar and laser guns in use — you get the benefit of their easy-to-use iOS app. Data from other users in the iRadar community compiles into their cloud servers, letting you instantly access information about speed traps on your device. It also plots traffic, red light cameras, and features a convenient car finder on their map-based interface.

  • Pencil

    In an ongoing attempt to make drawing and painting on an iPad more like its real-life equivalent, the guys who brought us Paper have introduced their take on the artist's stylus, the Pencil ($50-$60). Available in either graphite or walnut, and inspired by the shape of a carpenter's pencil, this stylus sports a range of features that let you create digital art more easily. Palm rejection makes sure that Paper doesn't pick up the presence of your hand while you work, while the built-in eraser lets you simply remove mistakes. Bluetooth connectivity, a month of battery power, and a highly sensitive tip make it wonderful to work with every time.

  • Impossible Instant Lab

    There is something special about holding a photograph in your hands. It's how some of us grew up, but in a rapidly changing digital world, it's not how many collect memories anymore. The Impossible Instant Lab ($299) is designed to bridge the gap between digital and analog instant photography. This compact and portable device transforms digital images into unique instant photographs like nothing since the Polaroid itself. It features a four element, high-quality, coated glass lens, along with a metal dark slide and shutter mechanism. It works completely differently than other instant printers on the market, because it's analog, not digital.

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