Coconut Paddle

With an edge grain bamboo wood handle that enables a precision style grip, the Coconut Paddle isn't looking to simply improve your table tennis game, but change the way you play entirely. Thanks to a hole in the handle that lets you stick a finger through, the Coconut gives you a secure grip while ensuring that none of your fingers ends up on the playing surface, or worse, in contact with the ball. The core is made from blonde 3-ply bamboo wood, and each paddle is finished in Wisconsin with custom foam handle inserts that improve comfort and accommodate both right- and left-handed players, as well as a hand-cut and -applied black long pimpled rubber.

  • Burton Throwback Snowboard

    Back in 1981 when the original Backhill was released, finding a place to snowboard outside of your neighborhood was nearly impossible. It's way easier to find a slope ready for boarders these days, and this Burton Throwback Snowboard is ready to rip. A homage to the 1982 Burton Backhill, this wooden-core board features a pointed nose and notched tail. It comes without bindings, and is most comfortable in a low-key environment like your backyard. A great looking piece of snowboard history that's sure to turn heads.

  • Leather Head x Uncrate Bison Football

    We heard there's a big game this weekend. So we went to our friend Paul Cunningham at Leather Head to see if he could build us something special — something like a high-quality all-black football that would both stand out on the field and look beautiful on a shelf. For our Leather Head x Uncrate Football, we decided on our signature shrunken bison leather, which has a natural texture and ages beautifully. Like all of Leather Head's made-in-the-USA footballs, it's perfectly sized for mere-mortal-hands and impromptu backyard games. Available in extremely limited quantities.

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