Coin Guitar Picks

Anyone who's ever resorted to playing their axe with a quarter knows what a great tone can result — as well as how fast doing so will wear out your strings. Now these Coin Guitar Picks ($10-$30) are here to offer the best of both worlds. Made from actual quarters, dollars, and pennies, these unique picks offer the metallic makeup that provides the tone, as well as a liquid smooth beveled edge to keep your strings intact. Rock on, George.

  • LaCie Blade Runner Hard Drive

    No, the LaCie Blade Runner Hard Drive ($300) doesn't come emblazoned with graphics from Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic. Instead, this limited edition hard drive's Philippe Starck design, which features an anthropomorphic metal interior and a cage-like shell, attempts to mirror the combination of human and machine discussed in the movie. Of course, computer peripherals generally need to do more than just look cool, and as such it also features 4TB of storage and a speedy USB 3.0 interface. Limited to just 9,999 worldwide.

  • Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine

    It might look like a naval weapon, but the Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine ($20) is actually an intelligently clever task light. Roughly baseball-sized, it features 11 neodymium magnets on the "spikes", letting it attach quickly and securely to a large variety of surfaces. A total of 12 Lumen Tech LEDs provide plenty of light, and four different modes let it serve as a low-power spotlight, high-power floodlight, a red light for better nighttime visibility, and as a high visibility signal beacon — making it great for keeping in your car for hazard light duties, or for using as a makeshift Bat Signal.

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