With all the cards we carry in our wallets — multiple credit cards, debit cards, bank cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, gift cards — we run the risk of looking a little like George Costanza. But with Coin ($100), we can finally start slimming down our every day carry to something a little more manageable. This connected device (shaped and sized like a credit card) lets you scan all the cards you typically carry in your wallet, and then leave them at home. It works just like a regular card, letting you swipe it the same way you normally would, and lets you easily swap which card you're using at any given moment. Manage your collection of cards with their mobile app, and never lose track of your Coin thanks to low-energy Bluetooth alerts.

  • Anker Astro3

    No matter where you travel — whether it's for business, or for pleasure — there is one constant concern that fills your mind: keeping all your mobile devices charged so you won't be stuck bored in an airport terminal or on a plane. With the Anker Astro3 ($50), you can worry about more important things (like whether you remembered to turn off the oven, or if you packed enough undies to make it through the trip), while keeping your smartphone and tablet full of juice. Capable of charging an iPhone up to six times, it comes with smart USB ports that detect signals coming from your cords — so it knows exactly how to charge your devices at full speed. With multiple smart ports, you can charge several gadgets at once, or even help out your new friend sitting in the aisle seat.

    Sponsored by our friends at Anker.

  • Revolv Home Automation Hub

    Home automation can be great — it helps you efficiently keep everything in your house chugging along smoothly and on schedule — but at some point all of your connected devices get a bit overwhelming. With the Revolv Home Automation Hub ($300), you can keep everything working as it should, all with the convenience of one app. Instead of opening up a bunch of different apps to control your Nest Thermostat, your Phillips Hue lights, your smart locks, and your Sonos speaker system, this single app will sense your proximity to your house and do it all for you. The hub automatically connects with all your devices (it supports Z Wave, WiFi, and Insteon, with support for additional protocols like ZigBee coming soon), removing all the pain in setup, and is packed with a wealth of sensors designed to make your life easier.

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