Colors Cartesia Desk

Sometimes an idea is so simple we're amazed no one had thought of it before — and the Colors Cartesia Desk ($6,000) is one of those. Answering the challenge of letting you access more than one desk drawer at once, the Cartesia features a novel new drawer system that lets you open them from the front or the side, giving you the ability to access two or more at once. Made from Tamo Tree or Walnut, it also features a clean, modern design with a siding-like drawer tower and a small side drawer to store cords, cables and the like. [via]

  • Cleo Skribent Messograf Pen

    Part multi-tool, part writing instrument, all German engineering. The Cleo Skribent Messograf Pen works great as a writing tool, accepting any Parker-style ballpoint or gel refills. But the chromium-plated brass body also serves as a metric screw thread scale, a tire tread depth scale, and as a 4-inch caliper that measures in both metric and inches. And not to worry, nervous pen-fiddlers — it still uses a standard click-to-open mechanism. [Scouted by Andrew]

  • Steelcase Gesture Chair

    Most office chairs are designed to give us comfort and support as we sit in front of a computer all day — but with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, we're pulled away from our desktop setups more and more. The Steelcase Gesture Chair was designed with this change in mind. As such, it's built to support a wide variety of postures and sitting preferences, promising to give you support whether you're banging away at a keyboard, casually browsing a report on your iPad, or cranking out a quick text on your phone. Oh, and it doesn't look too shabby, either. Coming this fall. [Scouted by Ken]

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