Colorware iPad

Colorware iPad

Costing almost as much as two standard iPads, the Colorware iPad ($900) comes in your choice of 46 custom colors. And if your iPad still isn't ugly enough after the first coat of paint, you've got a nearly unlimited choice of color combinations to make it worse, since you can customize the body, button, and the logo.

  • Amazon Kindle DX

    Amazon is going the bigger is better route with the Kindle DX ($489). With a 9.7-inch paper-like e-ink screen (2.5x bigger than the standard Kindle), and measuring just over 1/3 of an inch thin (like a magazine), the new DX is definitely tall and slim. The new Kindle DX also gets auto-rotation (read in portrait or landscape mode), better image and photo display, native PDF support, 4GB of storage (good for up to 3,500 books), wireless 3G access, and a handy text-to-speech feature.

  • Amazon Kindle 2

    With over 500,000 units sold, the Amazon Kindle e-book reader might just be the coolest thing to happen to books since Gutenberg, but just because something isn't broken, doesn't mean you can't make it better. Enter Kindle 2 ($359), a svelte device overhaul featuring the sort of upgrades that seem to imply that Amazon actually listens to its customers. Weighing in at just 10.2-ounces, the K2 has a larger screen than its predecessor and can still hold a charge for days. It includes the built in 3G wireless (for no extra fee), allowing you to download content, lookup subjects on Wikipedia and more. If you found you ever found yourself on the verge of ordering a Kindle, but couldn't pull the trigger, your salvation is here. Kindle 2 will ship on Feb. 24, so pre-order yours today.

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