Colorware Retro iMac

Many of us love the look of Apple's classic IIe computers. They're just not much good for actual computing. The Colorware Retro iMac blends the fun, nostalgic look of the Apple IIe with the technology of a 27-inch Retina iMac. The specs on the inside remain the same as the systems you'll find at your local Apple Store, but the exterior has been given a special treatment. The aluminum receives a classic beige paint job, with faux exhaust vents added to the back for good measure. The keyboard and Magic Mouse also get a retro makeover, and the rig is finished off with the iconic rainbow Apple logo on the front and back.

  • Saver Emergency Breath System

    Extinguishers are the first thing you want if a fire breaks out. The Saver Emergency Breath System is the second. This home safety device is designed to keep you safe from smoke inhalation in the event of a fire, using a triple filter system to remove smoke, dust, and toxic gases from the air while turning carbon monoxide into breathable carbon dioxide. Saver comes in a 2-person portable set or 4-person wall-mounted set, and also includes a flashlight and built-in alarm to help alert first responders to your location. And Saver is easy to use and can be activated in only 5 seconds. Saver can save your life or the life of your loved ones. It's also taken home multiple international design awards for its compact and sleek design.

    Presented by Safety iQ.

  • Monument Personal Photo Cloud Device

    Google Photos is a great service. It also requires you to upload your most personal moments to the nebulous "cloud", and hope that you never get hacked. The Monument Personal Photo Cloud Device offers many of the same features, but with local — and thus completely private — storage. It has two USB ports on the back for connecting roomy, cheap external hard drives, an SD slot on the front for loading photos from your camera, and an app for loading and accessing photos from your phone. Once your photos are on board, its smart algorithms go to work, automatically organizing your photos so you can search by faces, dates, or things (think beach, snow, or city shots). There's also an HDMI port for connecting it to your TV, and should you want a backup copy of your photos, it can handle that, too, either by mirroring two drives on-site, or over a secure connection with a second Monument you keep in a separate location.

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