Commando Locks

Why buy a Master Lock when you can buy the lock they use as a basis for theirs? Commando Locks ($12-$20) use the same Interlock technology as Master — Commando invented it, after all — and are available in a variety of styles and sizes that should fit your needs. They're not 100% made in the USA, but they do try to use as much domestic manufacturing as they can, which goes a long way when a vast majority of locks on the market are imported from somewhere else.

  • Snow Peak Lapel Torch

    Let's see: you need both hands to do an activity, you can't mount a light anywhere nearby, and you'd like to avoid the dorkiness of a head-mounted solution. Sounds like you need the Snow Peak Lapel Torch ($60). This compact, water-resistant LED light uses a magnetic clip to attach to pretty much anything — a shirt, a backpack strap, you name it — and is powered by a remote battery pack that connects via a 28-inch cord and can provide up to 140 hours of light.

  • Dremel 4200 Platinum Edition Rotary Tool

    Whether you're cutting, grinding, detailing, or polishing, the Dremel 4200 Platinum Edition Rotary Tool is the tool for the job. Their easy-change mechanism lets you quickly change out any accessory, depending on the task at hand — and with 77 pieces to choose from, there are few projects it can't handle. Variable speeds and electronic feedback let you keep the proper pace for the job, without stalling, while additional venting keeps your tool running cool. This kit also comes with a convenient storage case, with plenty of drawers and foam-lined spaces to keep your tool, and all its pieces, organized.

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