Composure Apple Watch Charger Dock

Apple's long-awaited timepiece doesn't arrive until early next year, but you can get a head-start on accessorizing for it with the Composure Apple Watch Charger Dock. This handsome tabletop charger features a steel undercarriage, a heavy foundation to keep it in place, a hidden internal wire track to keep the guts of the MagSafe charger hidden, and a walnut top that's long enough to support the watch and its band while offering a nice, organic contrast to the futuristic object that rests on top.

  • PowerAll Power Bank & Jump Starter

    Portable batteries that charge up your various gadgets are nothing new. Nor is adding an emergency LED light to the mix. But the PowerAll Power Bank & Jump Starter goes above and beyond these other options by offering to power something even more vital: your vehicle. With a massive 12,000mAh battery at its core, this portable power solution can perform up to 20 jump starts on a single charge, while offering two USB ports for gadget charging, or alternately up to 120 hours of runtime for the built-in flashlight. A must-have trunk stash for the off-roading gadgeteer.

  • Carvey 3D Carving Machine

    Most desktop 3D solutions we've seen lately have been printers, stacking material layer by layer to create the desired form. The Carvey 3D Carving Machine does the opposite. Using a color-coded system of bits and either the included Easel software for "2.5D" designs or CAD, CAM, and machine control software for true 3D, it creates quality objects out of a variety of different materials — including wood, metal, and plastic — with the click of a button. The machine's automatically calibrated, so there's little to no setup, the case design makes for quiet operation, and LED lighting lets you see the work in action. It'd make a great addition to any tinkerer's workshop.

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