Conductive Wallpaper Concept

Nearly every house is built using the same concept: electric runs through wires in the walls, to lights, outlets, and switches. The Conductive Wallpaper Concept does away with this, instead embedding circuitry into wall coverings. Lines of conductive ink run across each panel and are linked together with short strips of metal, terminating in either novel controls or the lights, fans, and other electronics they operate. While it's very much a concept for now, it's not hard to look and see how it could easily be adapted to carry power to your wall-mounted TV or sound system in a far more subtle fashion.

  • Endless Runway Circular Airport

    Traditional airports are are the mercy of wind directions and speeds when it comes to takeoffs and landings. This limits their capacity and can also cause delays. The Endless Runway Circular Airport is a new concept that would use a circular, 3.5 km banked runway to ensure planes always land and take off with a headwind. Big enough to fit even a major hub airport inside, it would also take up less space than some conventional layouts, allow up to three planes to take off or land at once, and seamlessly adjust to the conditions outside without needing to make runway changes.

  • Norwegian Banknotes

    You might not ever encounter one, but the new Norwegian Banknotes are worthy of attention regardless. Developed using proposals from some of the country's top designers, including Snøhetta, Metric Design, and Terje Tønnessen, they unify the company's paper currency with a sea theme fitting for the country's relationship with the water. The designs are printed on cotton paper, with a literal depiction of a sea-related subject on one side and a pixelated interpretation on the other. Multiple security measures are also integrated into each design, as are a system of short raised lines designed to let the blind and visually impaired sort through the denominations. Norges Bank will begin issuing the new notes this year.

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