Copenhagen Wheel

Long commutes, hilly rides, and difficult terrain may have you reconsidering the whole biking to work thing — but before you go replacing your bike with some expensive electric vehicle, consider the Copenhagen Wheel ($800). This simple device replaces the rear wheel of your standard bicycle, giving you the extra boost of power you need to overcome any commuting obstacle. With a built-in motor, it will help you tackle hills, or just show up to work a little less sweaty. And with wireless connectivity, and the accompanying app, you can tailor your ride to fit your needs, or just keep track of all the good you're doing for your body while biking instead of driving.

  • Martin Jetpack

    Odds are, you've dreamed of having the ability to fly unaided, soaring above the rooftops effortlessly, only to wake up and realize that you're still bound to the ground. With the Martin Jetpack ($100,000 and up), you can fly to altitudes of up to 800 feet, at speeds of nearly 50 miles per hour, for as long as thirty minutes — and while that doesn't quite meet your dream of flying without help, it's the next best thing. Built on top of a V4 engine that produces 200 horsepower and 180 pound-feet of torque, and capable of flying with a pilot or remotely, this jetpack is also built with safety in mind. A ducted fan, easy-to-use controls, a composite airframe built for strength, and a deployable parachute makes it nearly as safe as walking.

  • Emad Dirt Rider Electric Skateboard

    Most skateboards — and certainly most electric skateboards — are designed for use on the smooth, man-made trails we like to call sidewalks and roads. The Emad Dirt Rider Electric Skateboard ($650) lets you leave these paved paths behind. Thanks to large off-road tires, a powerful 800-watt motor, and flexible trucks, this versatile board can handle sand, mud, gravel, and dirt with the best of them, propelling persons up to 330 lbs. at speeds of up to 19 mph. Just don't forget to wear a helmet — word has it that hitting a tree going downhill at 20+ mph is a lot rougher than simply bailing off the rail at the local skatepark.

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