Corbus Skateboards

Corbus Skateboards

Express yourself through more than just stickers, graphics, and tricks on Corbus Skateboards ($TBA). These one-of-a-kind boards move beyond the traditional wood structure by using aluminum, allowing for agressive, interesting deck shapes while retaining the same weight and rideability as a normal longboard. Currently available in several designs, including a fishbone, gas mask, skeleton, and seahorse.

  • DTV Shredder

    Part skateboard, part Segway, part tank, the DTV Shredder ($TBA) is one of the craziest contraptions we've seen this year. It features a normal skateboard deck and trucks, which are mounted to a powerful motor, and two tank threads — mounted below and to the sides of the deck — capable of going over snow, sand, dirt, ice, and nearly any other non-paved surface you can think of at speeds of up to 30 mph, or plenty fast enough to give you some gnarly injuries should you happen to shred a bit too hard. [via]

  • Seabreacher

    We've seen quite a few personal submarine options lately, but none quite as crazy as the Seabreacher ($65,000 and up). Available in a 155hp, dolphin-inspired J model, or the more badass, shark-bodied 266hp X model, these submersible watercraft can reach up to 50 mph on the surface and up to 25 mph submerged, and are capable of high-speed dives that send the craft launching out of the water. Other features include a snorkel-mounted video camera, an iPod-compatible stereo system, and the ability to scare the bejeezus out of innocent boaters. [Thanks, Kelvin]

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