Corcel Carbon Fiber Bath Tub

Corcel Carbon Fiber Bath Tub

What can't be improved by making it out of carbon fiber? We've seen everything from car hoods to iPad cases made out of the stuff, but we may have found an answer to our question in the Corcel Carbon Fiber Bath Tub ($TBA). A symbol of opulence equal to the gold toilet, this carbon fiber tub sports a sleek, streamlined shape, is best matched with a modern, standalone faucet, and may/may not come from space and make racecar noises, as the movie suggests. Limited to just 51 units worldwide. [via]

  • Kohler Numi Toilet

    A built-in music system. Ambient lighting. A touchscreen remote. Nope, this isn't the latest and greatest HDTV — it's the Kohler Numi Toilet ($6,400). As state of the art as porcelain thrones get, the Numi also offers a motion-activated lid and seat, an integrated, retracting bidet, an integrated air dryer, a built-in air deodorizer, a heated seat, floor-level vents to keep both the floor and your feet warm, and a host of customizable options, from water temperature to spray pattern, all saved separately for each "user" in the household. [Thanks, Alex]

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