Cord Tacos

Keep your cords under control with a pack of Cord Tacos ($25/5-pack). Named for their shape, these small pieces of 100% leather snap around folded cords to keep them bundled in your bag, pocket, drawer, car, or anywhere else you have them stored. A metallic button ensures solid closure, and your choice of black or tan tacos — or an assortment of both — ensures that they'll match your existing stuff.

  • 3Doodler

    3D printing is an undeniably exciting technology — but unfortunately, you need a pretty good understanding of the related software to maximize its potential. Not so with the 3Doodler ($75 and up). This 3D printing pen uses the same ABS plastic as many printers, but allows you to draw anything you like, in the air or on a surface. As you doodle, the pen extrudes heated plastic, which quickly cools and solidifies into an actual thing that you can hold and touch. You're really only limited by your imagination — and your drawing skills.

  • Sharetapes

    Used to be that if you wanted to share a song or playlist with someone, you made them a mixtape. Sharetapes ($7/5-pack) aim to recreate that experience in the 21st century. Simply create a playlist on Spotify, YouTube, 8tracks, or other online media source, add it to a tape by clicking record on Sharetapes' website, then give the tape to whoever you like. All they need to do is tap the card on their NFC-enabled device, scan the QR code, or hit play on to enjoy your playlist.

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