Cordli Case

Keep all the excess cable that comes along with your headphones under wraps, while protecting your iPhone, with the Cordli Case ($15-$25). This iPhone case (designed to accommodate an iPhone 4 or 4s) has grooves and clips that weave across its back, letting you stow away 10 to 20 inches of headphone cable. It's perfect for storing shorter headphones while they're not in use, or for taking out some of the slack in a longer cable, avoiding bulk in your pocket. While not yet available, an iPhone 5 case is in the works, and should be ready soon. Available in blue, black, or white.

  • iPhone Paperback Notes

    With iPhone Paperback Notes ($8), you can take notes on the back of something you always have with you, your phone. Of course your phone already has a notepad app, but there's something to be said about actually hand-writing a list. Each paper note has removable adhesive on its back, letting you stick it to the back of your phone, refrigerator, computer monitor, or other surface. Grab a stack of notes and keep them with your phone, or just stick one on the back for your to-do list or grocery list.

  • Kapture

    Sure, your smartphone has the ability to record voice memos, but using it means you have to know ahead of time about something you'll want recorded. Kapture ($75 and up) is different. It's an always-on audio-recording wristband — so any time you feel the need to capture the last 60 seconds of audio, all you have to do it tap it, and it instantly saves. And, with the included smartphone app, you can store, edit, share, and replay your old audio clips for as long as you want. Choose from a range of colors to customize the strap and grill of your Kapture, including black, white, yellow, sea foam, and orange.

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