Cotton Bureau T-Shirts

Making t-shirts is hard work — first you need a great design, then you need to learn how to screen print, and we haven't even gotten to the whole selling part. The good people at Cotton Bureau T-Shirts ($20) have taken the trouble out of making and selling a great shirt, letting designers focus on what they're good at — designing. The concept is simple. Designers submit a design and it has two weeks to generate 25 sales. If it does so, it gets sold — if not, it doesn't. The shirts are printed in limited runs, so the odds of one of your buddies showing up in the same one are pretty slim.

  • Barbour Steve McQueen Collection

    We've seen plenty of celebrity-themed goods timed to coincide with an anniversary related to the celebrity themselves, but never a company co-opting a celebrity for an anniversary of their own. Until now. The Barbour Steve McQueen Collection ($TBA) was created to honor the 75th anniversary of the International motorcycle jacket, which McQueen was known to wear, and encompasses a wide variety of torso covers, including graphic tees, button-downs, cardigans, zip-throughs and jackets, all of which sport a slightly distressed, worn look that only adds to their caché.

  • Homage T-Shirts

    We came across the old school goodness of Homage Clothing a few weeks ago and couldn't help ourselves but to buy a couple of their buttery soft tees. The Homage T-Shirts ($32) are adorned with sports and pop culture references in perfectly done vintage printing.

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