Cotton Treats Reversible Bow Ties

If — and it's a fairly big if — you're a person who often skips the traditional tie for the bowed variety, you'll likely enjoy these Cotton Treats Reversible Bow Ties ($32). Made from a cotton/polyester blend, these self-tied bow ties are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, each featuring a complimentary design on the opposite side, which you can let show through in the knot, or keep hidden for reusability purposes — like those times when you're heading to work straight from somewhere other than home and don't want to look like you're wearing the exact same thing.

  • Corter Leather Bottle Hook

    Hanging your keys from a belt loop is hardly a bad idea, but why not add some extra utility to the mix? The Corter Leather Bottle Hook ($36 and up) is designed to both hang your keys from your loop and open your beers, thanks to its clever design. Cast out of steel, it'll likely outlive every pair of denim you own, includes a leather tag to put down your info — because who hasn't lost their keys before? — and is available in copper and aged pewter finishes.

  • Jacob & Co. Canary Diamond Cufflinks

    Let's say you've got some unexpectedly awesome event to attend — dinner with the POTUS, an after-party at the Oscars, a Monday Night Football game in Trump's suite. And you're feeling woefully underdressed, no matter how many times you retie your Windsor knot. So you suck it up, get out your Amex Black card, and order up these Jacob & Co. Canary Diamond Cufflinks ($4.2 million). Sporting over 20 karats of canary diamonds and another 10-plus karats of white diamonds, they feature a diamond whale flip back closure and the title of "most expensive cufflinks in the world".

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